Table of Contents:

Section I - Basics
     I.I - Introduction (an overview of politics in Temuair.)
     I.II - Terminology (Terms you'll encounter when first joining politics.)
     I.III - Clout & Support (How you gain office.)
     I.IV - Campaigning (How to avoid attacks, gain endowment, etc.)

Section II - The Offices
     II.I - Respected Citizen
     II.II - Guard
     II.III - Demagogue
     II.IV - Guard Captain
     II.V - Judge
     II.VI - Burgess

Section III - The Typical City
     III.I - Law Creation
     III.II - Punishments
     III.III - Checks and Balances
     III.IV - Functionality in Political Systems

Section IV - Odds and Ends
     IV.I - Your term in Office
     IV.II - Miscellaneous (FAQ)

Section V - Conclusion / Addendum
     V.I - Conclusion
     V.II - Addendum

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