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Section 5-1: Conclusion

     So... have you learned anything? I hope so. This document was written for the purpose of familiarizing yourself with our fair political system. If you haven't become involved with politics yet, I hope this documents charges you with the will to do so. Only when people are politically active, does a city become charged with political energy... even if you are only supporting someone, you are being active.

     Politics is a unique way for Aislings to become involved with society, and will lead to greater things later on. When the mundanes handed us political control of the provinces, they gave us a gift. To use our creative will to mold a city into a powerful, exciting, safe and fun place to live. Cities still under mundane control are well... mundane. That is why aislings have control, we can enstate new creative ways of living into a city, and keep the mundanes safe.

     There really isn't any creative wisdoms or phrases I can say to wrap this document up. It took me many hours to outline the political system. Perhaps though, I would like to thank all the people who inspired me to write this document, and those who posed while I sketched their images in this document for you all to see. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did creating it.

     Deoch's flames inspire you to be politically powerful! Respectfully Yours, Paladine Meatha.

Section V-I: Conclusion