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Section 4-2: Miscellaneous (FAQ)

     This section is to answer questions that may come in to me in an easy to read format and will be updated as needed. Currently there are only three questions that need to be answered. If you would like a question answered here, send me a parcel to ((paladine@pmail.net)) and I shall do my best to post it here.

Question 1: Where are the Rucesion/Mileth Plazas?
     A good question indeed. The Rucesion Plaza is located directly across from the Luathas Shrine as you leave Rucesion headed for Dubhaim castle. The Mileth Plaza is located due east of the Glioca Shrine as you leave Mileth. I have sketched some images below for you to take reference of.

Question 2: What is the "Guards List"?
     The "Guards List" is the list of officials currently in office delivered by the Burgess Mundane (he's got an eye for detail) to the highest ranking official in your city. The Mundane is then to post this on the gray slates located around your city to inform citizens of those whom are in office.

Question 3: What are the Gray Slates for?
     The gray slates located around your village are for different things. There is one law board, a community board, a higgling board, a village board, a guard board, a case/hearing board, and a political board. As to which one is which, you'll have to figure that one out yourself. Take a look around your city at each one and familiarize yourself with them. They are a unique tool.

Section IV-II: Miscellaneous (FAQ)