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Section 1-3: Clout & Support

     Ok, so you've just decided to enter politics. You're going to need what is known as "Clout" to step into office. Clout, as defined in my previous page, is the amount of sway or trust you have with the population of the kingdom. Positive campaigning can lead to much clout, and perhaps let you step into a powerful office. In order to gain clout you must gain "Support" from an Aisling whom trusts you.

(Many Aislings like to use the term "vote" when entering Politics. This is wrong. There is no voting system in Temuair, and there are no elections or runoffs. Please refrain from using the word "vote" and use the word "support". Example: "Would you support me this moon LadyDanielle?", not "Would you vote for me please?")

     There are two types of support in the political system. The "Support" option, which Aislings tell to the mundane burgess so that he can record it, gives 1 clout to the person supported. In order to give any kind of support you must talk to your mundane burgess in your Village Hall so he may record your clout accordingly. If ye fail to do this, he shall never receive word, and will not let you step into office. Make sure you get your clout in writing with him. The second type of support is endowment. You and the person who wishes to endow you must visit the mundane burgess and speak with him about endowment. Endowment costs 10 clout to the person endowing, and gives 5 - 7 clout to the person receiving it. This can be a major advantage in gaining office quickly. This of course requires much more trust from an Aisling than normal support as it decreases their sway to campaign to increase yours. Use it wisely.

     Now on the flip side of the coin, there is the unnoticed side of Politics which those whom are sneaky can utilize against their opponents. There are two types of tools one can use to devastate another persons sway with a kingdom. Widdle, known as the "eye for an eye" method, reduces both your opponents clout by one. The mundane burgess frowns upon foul play, so in return he removes one of your clout in return. This will effectively reduce the sway your opponent has. The second type of covert attack is known as "Attack" simply enough. It is worth it if you wish to reduce sway a lot. This is for the extremely sneaky politician, who likes to get pictures of an Aisling in a bad position and spread the word. This reduces your opponents clout by 10. Of course, the mundane burgess frowns on this action, but only reduces 5 of your clout, only reducing your sway by half of what you do to your opponent. Uncouth tactics like this can be an advantage or a disadvantage in any situation.

     Now let's look at a chart which covers clout earned/lost by the different tactics one uses to gain clout:

     This of course leads us into believing that only a good campaigner can avoid attacks/widdles and gain support and endowment from Aislings that populate our world. Our next section talks about basic strategies when campaigning and how to avoid being attacked. Use this wisdom wisely!

Section I-III: Clout & Support