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Section 1-2: Terminology

     When first encountering Temurian politics, you may run across some unfamiliar terms. This guide is to help you figure out what they mean.

Attack - To greatly reduce the clout of the person you're attacking. Attacking is not anonymous. (Spreading very bad rumors with evidence is an example of an attack.) Which causes this Aisling to instantly lose much sway.

Banishment - To be removed from a land, and not able to return. A person who is banished is unable to step foot inside the place where he was banished. Must be forgiven to re-enter lands.

Clout - The sway a politician has over Aislings in his current running status. For example a person running for Judge with 20 clout has a decent amount of sway, while a person with 100 clout has enough sway to step into office without opposition.

Endow - To give a major amount of support to your Aisling by speaking highly of him and giving up 10 clout. Endow gives 7 clout to the person you endow, making their sway much greater.

Exile - To be banished on a greater level. Same effect as banishment, only it leaves a permanent scar on your legend for others to see your disgrace.

Shares - Little is known about "shares", but they are political power. When a land becomes rich, so do the shares. Only people in office hold shares depending on their position.

Support - To give your support to an Aisling and increase their clout. Supporting increases their clout by one. (Hint: Helping, talking, or in general being nice to one can gain you much support.)

Widdle - To politically attack your opponent with the "eye for eye" motto. You use one of your clout to reduce your opponents by one. (using some sway to spread nasty rumors, Aye?) ^_~

Section I-II: Terminology found in Temurian Politics.