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Section 1-1: Introduction

     I thank ye for coming to visit me and share in my knowledge this day. I would like to thank the many people who helped me in the creation of this document. It has been a long and winding road, but this document is complete! And one quote for you inspiration seekers out there... "We cannot adjust the wind direction, only our sails."

     So, I'm assuming if you're reading this document, you are interested in politics. The Temurian Politics system is Aisling run. Aislings have total control over certain regions, their laws, punishments, and other such items. All disputes are handled by the Law Makers. ((With the exception of Harassment, which is reported to Nexon)) This gives a great deal of responsibility to us, the Aislings of Temuair. Ever since it was given to us Aislings has been a powerful tool, and can have an overwhelming impact. One important thing to remember before you begin is that Politics is not glamorous. People can be rude, cold hearted, corrupt, and be annoying all at the same time. This isn't meant to scare you off, but rather to warn you ahead of time. Politics has its rewards and down-falls. It can lead to corruption or wealth and prosperity, depending on how you use it. Remember, absolute power corrupts absolutely. So, be wise when politicking.

     The Politics system is comprised of a law branch and a house branch (see fig. 1-1). Temurian politics are run with a system of support ((unlike real politics which is run on votes)). There are no elections, and any Aisling with an insight of <11> or higher may join the politics system. When an Aisling reaches the 11th insight, he realizes many things, this being one of them. To enter politics, talk to the Mundane in the Village Hall in Mileth (for Mileth Citizens), or the Village Hall in Rucesion (for Rucesion Citizens). Prior to Rucesion settlement, Candidates would have to travel to the Rucesion bank. The Mundane whom can teach you much about politics is waiting there for the eager souls who wish to make Temuair a better place. Be forewarned.. know what you're getting into before you join the political system. It can lead to frustration if you do not know what you are doing. This manual should help you greatly if you are unfamiliar with such.

     The sections ahead outline the various parts of the Political system and should answer any questions ye may have about the great Temurian Political System. Enjoy ^_^

~*~ Paladine Meatha

Section I-I: Introduction to Temurian Politics.