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Section 1-4: Successful Campaigning

     In every great world, there is a leader. Even he isn't perfect and makes mistakes which cause him to lost public favor. Which brings me to the point in where I say, prepare to be widdled or attacked at least once during your campaigning career. It *will* happen whether by an opponent who wants to take his/her term in office first or some malicious person who likes to see people suffer. Uncouth operations run rampant in a political system, even though we don't see it. Spreading secrets here, revealing information there, it causes Aislings to lose faith in a person. So, what do you do about it? You simply pick yourself up off the floor and try try again. Any great campaign must start somewhere and realize it needs the persistence to pursue to achieve greatness.

     First off, if you're new to campaigning, read this. RELAX, this isn't a race to see who can get into office the fastest. You'll end up on the streets with people saying "Nuobo? Who's that? Oh... he's yesterday's news." Therefore, using a method which I like to call "hyper-campaigning" is not welcomed nor is it necessary. If you plan to campaign set a pace and a goal, and of course read this section for tips on how to gain continuous support.

     The first trick of the trade is to start with *friends*. These could be your hunting partners, or people you associate with on an every day basis. Asking them for their support will probably lead to a "Sure!" or "Ok!" Be prepared for a "NO" though. Often times, other politicians have swayed them into giving support already. Aislings can only give support every 4 Temurian days. The mundane burgess will not allow any more than that. So, what do you do in this situation? Ask for their support the next 4 days in advance. That way you can ensure their support.

     It's obviously unavoidable to attain office dependent on the support of a few friends only. You will at one point have to campaign to strangers or aquaintences. This is much more difficult as you'll find out, but some strategies that help a lot are:

  • Do not whisper someone asking for support. Ask for support in person only. Aislings tend to get upset when their mind-flow is interrupted with messages that aren't necessary.
  • Use correct terminology when asking for support at any time. "Can I have your vote plz!" is hardly a way to go about proper campaigning, and you may lose support because of this.
  • Set a limit: Do not "hyper-campaign" as I said earlier. Set a limit for yourself daily and know when to stop campaigning for that day. The mind and body need a balance and concentrating on one area of your life shall lead to the frazzle of others.
  • This may sound stupid, but always greet someone with a smile, and kindly ask for their support. It is very uncouth to yell out "Has everyone given support?" Also, it would be good to tell them which office you're running for, if you haven't selected, tell them which ones you're thinking about.
  • Do *not* get frustrated when addressing people in public. It just makes you look bad.
  • Do not ask more than once. It's rude and considered harassment in some areas of Temuair. "NO " means "NO".

     Staying cool, calm, and collected can earn you many votes. Just remember to campaign early, and often but knowing your limit. Also... be prepared for obstacles like Attacks and Widdles, and even a "NO" answer. They will pop up, and you have to take it in stride. It's one of the many problems campaigners must deal with on a daily basis. In our next area, we shall talk about the Offices you can run for.

Section I-IV: Successful Campaigning in Temuair