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Section 2-1: The Office of Respected Citizen

     The lowest form of political involvement when it comes to politics. Yet, the respected citizen plays a vital role both when in office and out of office as well. These people are the 'elite' of a town and their knowledge is keen. So keen that city officials has given them the right to admit citizens with their honed judgement. Also, when a person becomes respected, many Higglers look up to them with a whole new light, and with this newfound respect, the Higglers will give access to any Respected Citizen their dyes and tailoring materials to modify a garment. Even out of office, your Respected Citizen mark stays with you and you shall still have access to the dyes and tailoring materials. Respected Citizens can only admit new citizens while in office.

  • (10) Clout
  • (1) Completed Mentorship
  • Duties:
  • Admit new citizens
  • Be helpful to all citizens
  • Report criminals and law breakers.
  • Powers:
  • Regional tailor/dye
  • Shares: 0
    Term: (1) Double moon

         This office is a good choice for those who wish the option to dye clothing, or those who want a little political involvement. There is no real "work" to being a Respected Citizen, it's more of a status, than an office, and a grand one at that. This also means no uniform, while higglers can tell your respected, other Aislings cannot, unless they look at your legend. This office is the basis for all other offices. You must become respected at least for one term before moving on up the political ladder so to speak. The mundane burgess will not allow you to run for another office until he sees that you have completed this one.

    Section II-I: Respected Citizen