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Section 2-2: The Office of Guard

     This position is the basic building block of the Law branch of Temuairian government. One step up from Respected Citizen, this is the first power holding position. Guards are sworn into duty by the mundane burgess to do their captains bidding and protect the city from law breakers. Guards also have the ability to ban people, one of the first punishments available to officials. Guards can ban people from the city as they see fit and when necessary. Set out to do patrols and deal with Aisling issues, this job can be a stressful one at times, but dealing with these hardships now can lead to greater political power later. For this position is required to earn the office of captain, and then eventually... Judge.

  • (25) Clout
  • (1) Respected Citizen
  • Duties:
  • Prevent Crime
  • Solve petty matters
  • Be available when needed.
  • Powers:
  • Banishment/Forgive Banishment
  • Shares: 1
    Term: (2) Double moon

         Upon achieving this office, you shall gain access to "(town name) Law" so that you may punish criminals and prevent crime. You shall also recieve your Guards uniform. This is your symbol and status garb to let others know you are a Guard. When not doing Guard duties, it is advised that you not wear it. You shouldn't wear your garb in other lands, because it confuses the citizens of those lands. Be responsible with your garb. This is the first political building block of power, and be proud that you are a part of the elite forces of a city.

    -"The elite force of Rucesion, known as the Rucesion Roughnecks tackled the problem of a Sgrios summoner today. They banished him, but before that sent him to his maker to show him what Rucesion was really made of."

    Section II-I: Guard