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Section 2-3: The Office of Demagogue

     The demagogue is the first vital role in Temuairian politics. They are the law makers of a city, and are responsible for monitoring the village boards, creating laws, and modifying laws that a Judge, Burgess, or the general population see unfit. Since this is the first position of power, many who step into this office tend to overstep their bounds. Be careful, and understand where your duties lie! This office is also needed in order to gain Burgess. I'll go into law creation later, but as Demagogues see fit, in order to pass a law, all the demagogues must agree, else the law cannot be passed in the land. Signing another burgesses name to your law is very unwise and uncouth at the same time. It can lead to the removal of your office. So, as a demagogue, you have a balancing act between making laws which keep the citizens happy, and maintaining city order. Demagogues have access to the Exile command, and at a Burgess' request or if all the Demagogues agree, (s)he can flex this muscle and remove someone from their city on a permanent basis.

  • (50) Clout
  • (4) Respected Citizen
  • Duties:
  • Monitor Village Tablets
  • Prepare Village Laws
  • Admit citizens or guests
  • Powers:
  • Exile/Forgive Exile
  • Shares: 1
    Term: (2) Double moon

         Bestowing the Vermilion wear is one of responsibility, in my age I've seen many who have taken this power to a dark place and many who have used this power irresponsibly due to ignorance. I beg thee to use it wisely and consult people who have had this position before. It can lead to great success in a political career, and can also lead to a downfall, so if you use it wisely, your city will prosper. ^_^

    Section II-I: Demagogue