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Section 2-4: The Office of Guard Captain

     Ah, so you want to be a leader, eh? We've got the perfect spot for you in the city militia! Join our ranks today, ten-hut! The office of Guard Captain takes one step above a Guard. As a Guard Captain, you'll solve crime issues in the city, and be assigned troops to your batillion. As a leader, you must show companionship, compassion, and a stability to give commands and orders. Whether it be sending your troops on patrols or handling a crime in the city. Guard Captains have access to the banish command. Of course, a Guard Captain should always be available when needed.

  • (50) Clout
  • (4) Guard
  • Duties:
  • Prevent Crime
  • Organize troops
  • Be available in your city
  • Powers:
  • Banishment/Forgive Banishment
  • Shares: 2
    Term: (2) Double moon

         Upon receiving this office, you'll get a addition to your already gorgeous garb, a helmet, which prevents people from seeing whom you are, scaring them in the process, and letting your guards know you're in charge. Guard Captains are true elite soldiers of a cities militia, and should have the courage and prowess to maneuver in any given situation and lead troops into battle.

    Section II-IV: Guard Captain