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Section 2-5: The Office of Judge

     A refined position indeed. Stepping into this office earns you much status in a village. Don't worry, you'll get used to the mundanes and fellow Aislings calling you "Your Honor", you deserve it. As leader of the law branch, you gain access to many unique parts of politics. The most unique is that of the Court house. In this place you can schedule cases, interpret the law, and deal out punishments. Judges have access to the banish command as well, and can use it freely. Among one of the greater powers is that of which you interpret the law (I'll go into detail in the law section). ((Just as in Terran politics)) there is a remote 'Checks and Balances' system in play. Judges have the ability to claim any law 'unfair' and the Demagogues have to reword it. Judges are truly powerful and necessary in any political system. They are fair, justice dealing, warm hearted individuals who see all are innocent under the eyes of Gramail.

  • (100) Clout
  • (4) Guard Captain
  • Duties:
  • Schedule Cases
  • Interpret the law
  • Judge cases
  • Powers:
  • Banishment/Forgive Banishment
  • Shares: 3
    Term: (2) Double moon

         Alas, the mundanes forgot to make a garb for this office. Upon speaking with them I learned that they couldn't find anything special enough for a Judge to wear, and promised me they were working on something that they hope a Judge would humbly accept. I recommend to those of you who are new to this office, to go to the Court house, and talk with the mundane there. He can provide you much service when scheduling cases, and can offer you an array of options for holding court. The Judge, a respected powerful person in society.

    Section II-V: Judge