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Section 2-6: The Office of Burgess

     Perhaps the most prestigious office if nothing else. When it comes down to it, the burgess it the leader of the political system (not the law system), and works with the demagogues to keep a city in running order. They also, like the demagogues hold access to the Exile command, and maintain all the boards in the village they run. They also can make laws without approval of the demagogues if need be. I view this position as more of a "figure head", while everyone does the work, the burgess can don his/her cloak/pompadour and walk about and impress the citizens. The burgess is viewed more of a socialite than anything, and it should be their main concern to interact with the citizens.

  • (100) Clout
  • (4) Demagogue
  • Duties:
  • Monitor Village Tablets
  • Prepare Village Laws
  • Admit Citizen/Guest
  • Powers:
  • Exile/Forgive Exile
  • Shares: 3
    Term: (2) Double moon

         What a fashion statement. Both the cloak and pompadour yell "I'm special!" A true aristocrat at heart, and in doing so, the people in this office should concentrate on maintaining a good karma between citizens and office holders. They are the so called "leader" of a city, and in doing so with a Judge's help, they can make a successful city much more sophisticated. This office is one of the hardest to gain, so those who earn it, deserve all the rights to it. Besides, what says "I'm special" more than wearing a 30 pound dress in the woods? ^_^

    Section II-VI: Burgess