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Section 3-4: Functionality in Political Systems

     Perhaps out of all of the sections available, this is the most important. This talks about ideology in a political system and how to make it work for you. Things to avoid, pitfalls, and things to encourage your cities growth are mentioned here, so read up, because the knowledge contained herein is for any cities functionality and it's continued support.

     Step 1: A politician should never bring his personal issues into office. This perhaps is the most important rule. When serving as an official to the city, the city comes first, your personal life second. Do not let personal differences sway your decisions in office. This is a BIG mistake on your part. Avoid bringing personal into politics.

     Step 2: Good relations among those in office will help a city prosper. I don't know how to stress this fact enough. Don't allow differences with an individual in office get in the way of serving your city. I say this again, politics come first, then personal issues. You could make a BIG mistake and ruin relations.

     Step 3: An organized city is a happy city. Well, keeping people up to date on issues will keep your citizens happy. For example, posting the "Guards List" where people can access it keeps it convenient for people. Don't let people wander around without a clue, inform them.

     Step 4: An involved city is a prosperous city. Encourage committees and clubs to form within a city. For example, the Aesthetic committee in Rucesion takes care of cleaning up the city and beautifying it by placing fresh flowers by the sign posts. When people are involved, your city becomes more valuable and alluring to those not living in it.

     Step 5: Ideas should flow freely. Ideas for laws and civil pursuits should flow freely among officials. Don't disallow a Guard or a normal citizen who has a fantastic idea to share it with officials. Listening to the public is what gains favor. Public laws usually have some Public involvement, speak with your citizens!

     Step 6: Crime Punishment should be handled swiftly and efficiently. It is best to deal with cases while they are fresh in the minds of those involved. Time is an enemy, and forgetfulness can lead to a possible criminal getting off the hook.

     These are only some basic ideas, but important ones. They can be built on and grown from with work. Use these ideas in your city to make your political system powerful and functional. A non-active political system gets rusty and unusable, and will eventually break down. Don't let this happen! Empower your city with your political system and make it a happy, safe, and politically healthy place to live.

Section III-IV: Functionality in a Political System