06.20.18Suomi Troupe Open House

Suomi Troupe Open House

An invitation to all Aislings!

Come experience all that Suomi has to offer during our Open House! Take in the fresh air, taste our wines, and experience songs from the bard of the tavern! During our celebration of Suomi culture, we will be providing two events to the public.

Suomi Guided Tour ((7/29/18 @ 12pm noon PST))
Join our guides as we visit the various landmarks around Suomi, providing a bit of history, lore, or humor about each! Meet the tour guides at the fountain near the entrance of town at the posted time.

The Search for Great Materials ((7/29/18 @ 2pm PST))
We've heard rumors of some Aislings in town with rare items that we could use for future events! Unfortunately, some are a bit shy, some distrustful, or maybe just downright anti-social! Maybe through your combined talents, we can bridge the gap between us? Meet at the fountain near the entrance of town to begin the event!

((These are Suomi Troupe hosted roleplaying events.))