06.08.18June Events

|----------------------------Tournament Information----------------------------|

*Restricted to Registered Accounts and Insight 40+

*4 hunting grounds, each containing 5 different types of Insects per map

*20 Different types of insects to catch

*Prizes upon completion: (Varies on insight)
Experience points
Ability points (Medenian path only)
Legend mark
Prize ribbon

Players can choose the NEW prize OR select any one of the Prizes released in the past. Description of each prize can be found in the "Tournament Information" from Gunnar.

2 NEW Prizes are "Pet Snek" and "Flame Blade Weapon Skin"

EXP & AP Distribution
Insight 40-59: 65,000,000 experience points
Insight 60-79: 70,000,000 experience points
Insight 80-99: 80,000,000 experience points + 800,000 ability points (Medenian path only)

Visit Gunnar in Piet Weapon Shop for more details.

Event Start: June 8th
Event End: June 22nd


Law's Fragment

Law may be dead, but he lives on through his dark actions!

A Fragment of Law has risen! He has gathered some of his old followers and has returned to Temuair!

(To get to this event, go to the Grass Fields and head to the right of the Goblin Entrance.)

(This is a revamp of a very old event. If players like it, we can keep it and run it from time to time.)


Double Exp/AB Star
Greatest Exp Shroom
Greatest Ability Rune
The Legendary Lumen Amulet
Water Dungeon Chest
Ability and Experience Gift 1

**Players has the chance to receive 0 to 6 Rewards upon killing Law.**

Event Start: June 8th
Event End: June 22nd


Hosted Bonus Exp Weekend

Increased Win Experience from 250 Million to 1 Billion Experience
Increased Loss Experience from 125 Million to 500 Million Experience

Event Start: June 15th
Event End: June 18th


Group Hunting Bonus

Experience Points through monster kills will NOT be divided among group members!

Event Start: June 15th
Event End: June 22nd