05.24.18PvP Events + Double Bonus Event

***PvP Event***

Loures Battle Ring

* Unregistered players can enter!!!
* All insights are welcome to enter
* Arena Bosses will spawn randomly in Loures Battle Ring
* Boss will give: Arena Host Bag, Lumen Amulet Raffle, Experience and Ability Points from Boss Kills

Hosted Battle Arena

Increased Win Experience from 250 Million to 1 Billion Experience
Increased Loss Experience from 125 Million to 500 Million Experience


Bonus Exp/Ab

All registered accounts will receive DOUBLE Experience and Ability Points gained through monster kills, quest rewards, etc.

Skill/Spell Bonus Event

Leveling Skills/Spells will take half the time during this event!


((Purchasing Boost items in the Itemshop will stack on this event!!!))


PvP & Bonus Events will start Friday after the morning reset and will last until Tuesday the 29th.