05.18.18May + PvP Events

***Adoration Event***

Carnig, Solada, and Sunreet reappear to consumate the adoration of Arpina, Adranuch, and Matrika.

Through the sacrifice of the three relics by trinity worshippers who have consecrated their spirit by Redemption, each may invoke the spirit of Danaan within their own heart. Come and worship in threes throughout this Temuairan Moon.

As a scripture says, May our actions be Danaan's smile, may our thoughts be Danaan's brilliance, may Danaan's smile appear upon each that you meet, for she resides in each Aisling's heart. You can only find Her--beginning with faith--or deny Her in whomever you meet.

Librarian of Loures


***Capture The Fowl***

Fast enough to catch some fowls? Speak to Celesta (Pravat South Entrance (49,22)) for more information.


***PvP Event***

Loures Battle Ring

* Unregistered players can enter!!!
* All insights are welcome to enter
* Arena Bosses will spawn randomly in Loures Battle Ring
* Boss will give: Arena Host Bag, Lumen Amulet Raffle, Experience and Ability Points from Boss Kills

Hosted Battle Arena

Increased Win Experience from 250 Million to 1 Billion Experience
Increased Loss Experience from 125 Million to 500 Million Experience