05.07.18Purge Restoration 2012

Purge Restoration:

Starting today, we are opening requests to restore purged characters on 2012. If you know your character(s) was purged on 2012 and would like it restored, please send a support ticket to Dark Ages department.

To quickly process your request, please put "Purge Restoration 2012" on the subject line.

Purge restoration fee is 1 UNUSED COUPON CODE OF (Kruna $29.85/3300Kruna) per character. If the name of the character you want restored is already taken and registered to another account, we will notify you to create a peasant with the name you wish to have. Please do not send any Kruna Codes until asked.

**Please create a NEW support ticket if you were denied from this service in the past.**

Dark Ages Team