04.20.18Renaissance Faire

Hear ye, hear ye!

Gather 'round and let us bend your ear as we tell of the return of the Renaissance Faire! Join us as we celebrate Deochs long past, when taverns bustled and your ale overfloweth. A time when Knight's Errant roamed the lands and adventurers would go nary a day without a new quest. Take in shows, listen to bards regale you with wondrous tales, and peer on as brave Knights compete to become Champion! Prizes, games, and more at the Renaissance Faire!

The Suomi Troupe

The Troupe event will be held Saturday April 21st, 2018:

LOCATIONS SUBJECT TO CHANGE – Watch world shouts for any changes

Schedule of Events:
Tales of a Troubadour: - (8pm GMT/12pm PST/3pm EST) – Abel Coast
Faire Fashion: - (10pm GMT/ 2pm PST/ 5pm EST) - Mileth Fairgrounds Stage
The Knights Challenge - (12am GMT/4pm PST/7pm EST) - Mileth Fairgrounds
The Bards Corner - (2am GMT/6pm PST/9pm EST) - Mileth Fairgrounds Stage
Off to the Races - (4am GMT/8pm PST/11pm EST) - Mileth Fairgrounds

** Tales of a Troubadour **
Grab your friends, take a seat around the bonfire, and help us tell the astounding and heart-pounding tale of the Fair Maiden and Her Knight. All those gathered will get their turn adding to the legend of this as of yet untold tale.

** Faire Fashion **
Strut your stuff on stage at the Renaissance Faire! Dust off that dress and clean out your closet, we're looking for some old fashioned classic looks. It's time to shine in the outfit that all the other Aislings claim is “so Deoch 30.”

** The Knights Challenge **
Fancy yourself the bravest Knight in all of Temuair? The strongest? The quickest? Now is your time to shine as you joust, grapple, and fence your way to the title of Tournament Champion!

** Bards Corner **
Bored of all those displays of beauty, brawn, and no brains? Well this competition is for you! Delight, fascinate, and captivate the crowd with your dazzling intellect and tender hearts in this poetry competition.

** Off to the Races **
Tired after days filled with fantastic feats and sensual sonnets? Looking to earn a little gold? Head down to the final event of the Faire and place your bets on your favorite stallion. Better yet, if you believe your skills on horseback are surpassed by no other, take a chance on a race yourself!