04.01.18April Quality of Life Update

April Quality of Life Update


- All heal spells have been reduced by 300%
- Gentle touch has been improved by 1000%
- Ioc spells will do damage and no longer heal Aislings, with Beag Ioc being the strongest and Dia Ioc being the weakest.
- Removed Dia Ioc because we realized it wasn't in the game.

Damage Spells:

- Star Arrow will now deal the Dark element damage.
- Srad, Creag, Athar and, Sal elements have been jumbled around, we are currently not sure what one is which. Have fun finding out!
- Mor Strioch Pian Gar has been changed, it will now only attack one random monster. Don't worry we have coded this to attack the monster you are NOT attacking!
- We will be removing the Torch spells because we realized there are no firefighters in Temuair or Medenia.
- Star Arrow will now deal Light element damage.
- Priest will soon be getting a spell called "obliterate" to destroy an Aislings spark and reset the "character" to level 1
- The spell "Holy Dragon" will be released to warriors. Note: This is the spell that Error uses to 1 shot monsters on the screen.
- Breisleich will now work on players.


- All 'status traps' now have a 5 second cast time
- Pitfall will now have an animation of the Archer digging a pit so other people can fall into it.
- We have improved the damage of Needle Trap to be on par with Pitfall trap.

Damage Attacks: ((UPDATED))

- Wind blade will now remove your weapon and throw it at the monster for them to keep. It is called wind blade for a reason right?
- Kelberoth Strike will no longer go through Dion, we think it is best for monks to change there forms, all monk sub classes are out of luck!
- We have decided to remove Sneak Attack because we feel it isn't "sneaky enough"
- We have decided to remove Eagle Strike because we actually like animals.
- Kelberoth Strike will now go through Dion once again!
- We have renamed "Mantis Kick" to "Even Higher Kick" because like we said, we actually like animals
- We have changed "Throw Smoke Bomb" to teleport the Aisling to some random map, so they can look cool like spies in the movies.
- Kelberoth Strike will no longer go through Dion once again.

Quality Improvements:

- the "Skull" timer has been reduced to 1 second.
- Hemloch's now heal the player to full health.
- Rambutan's now reduce your total max health by 1k permanently
- We have changed some other stuff around, we just can't remember what.

If you like these change or have some other awesome idea's please feel free to submit a ticket and mail Trial & Error!

- Trial, Error and, Listen + DA Team