03.29.18New Daily Kill Quests + Update

NEW Daily Kill Quest

New Daily Kill Quest and future Kill Quest release will be rewarded with a "Daily Kill Quest Prize" upon completion. This Prize will give out EXP/AB based on Insight/Ability level.

* Several of the Daily Kill Quests will give out other items along with the "Daily Kill Quest Prize".
* We may add addition prizes in the future based on DA players feedback.
* More Daily Quests will be added in the following weeks, including "low level" Daily Kill Quests.

You can attempt each of their quest every 24 hours.

Okie - Andor 1 (20,2) ((NEW))
Lenoa - Asilon Town (30,29) ((NEW))
Mank - Hwarone City (83,43) ((NEW))
Baldo - Oren Sewers Entrance (3,5) ((FIXED, Updated))

Celesta - Pravat South Entrance (49,22)
Raylan - Mount Giragan 3 (4,3)
Codus - Shinewood Home (4,5)
Fallen Soldier - Chaos 1 (19,2)
Lalerid - Nobis Storage (4,2)
Quinn - Tavaly Village (72,97)
Nairn - Lost Ruins 1 (44,31)


Water Dungeon Quest

- Increased drop rates on Water Dungeon Chest upon completing the quest.
- Player that is being attacked by the final boss and player with the finishing kill will have the greatest chance of receiving a Water Dungeon Chest.
- The rest of the group and players on the same map will also get an increased chance of receiving a Water Dungeon Chest.


Item Shop

April Event Items are being re-released after today's reset.
((Located under "EVENTS" section))