03.08.18Luathas Scavenger Hunt

Luathas Scavenger Hunt

Greetings Aislings,

Once again Gabriela, our kind temple attendant, has received a list full of strange and curious items that our Luathasian scientists and magi have requested from the fellowship for their research.

As such, I have decided to leave it up to the public to locate these peculiar objects. You will of course be rewarded for your efforts and knowledge of where these items are located, as well as the capacity to interpret the identity of the item, should it not be given specifically.

If this has piqued your interest, attend our Scavenger Hunt at the Luathas Temple, this double moon ((schedule below)). Bring your best mood and thirst for knowledge, and you stand a chance to win great rewards!

There will be no time limit, and the first three Aislings to find all items will be rewarded! It is recommended that you are already of your chosen Medenian path if you desire to participate. The items requested will be the same for each contestant. Luathas mass will be cast once the hunt is over!

19:00 EST 10 March 2018
18:00 CST 10 March 2018
17:00 MST 10 March 2018
16:00 PST 10 March 2018
00:00 GMT 11 March 2018 ))

First Place: 7 Satchels of Goods, 3 Water Dungeon Chests
Second Place: 2 Satchels of Goods, 5 Water Dungeon Chests
Third Place: 1 Satchel of Goods, 2 Water Dungeon Chests

Best Regards,
Dionia de La Croix
High Priestess of Luathas