08.18.17Lost at Sea + Update

Lost at Sea

Egan's father is feared to be lost at sea. Can you help Egan ensure his father's safe return? Speak to Nola, Egan's Mother at Paradise Beach.

((This event will start on August 18th and will end on September 1st.))

***Paradise map will still be accessible for this Event.


* We created a NEW Trinket for regular Arena Host. It will have most of the options as the Master Host Trinket. Please seek Error in-game if you are an Arena Host, he will be passing it out.

* A new hunting event is almost complete and the tentative release date will be Friday of next week.

* We thank everyone that sent it suggestions/ideas/comments through out support ticket system. The GMs are busy sorting them out and will update the community on what they will be fixing/updating.

* Don't forget the Paradise Luau, a troupe-hosted event that will be on August 19th and August 20th!!!

Trial/Error/DA Team