07.28.17Muisir Village and Quest Update

Muisir Hunting Area

Muisir Entrance can be found after walking through the long wooden bridge in Undine Village (X,Y coordinate (57,55))

Once inside the village, if you're lost please speak to Desmond located in Muisir Village (X,Y coordinate (27,59))

Muisir Update

1. You only need to complete 1 full training session to enter the Muisir Hunting Ground, compared to 5
2. Removed the 6 hour timers for completing each hunting ground
3. Removed the timer for killing the final boss
4. Increase spawn count and rate of all monsters in Muisir
5. Increase EXP on all monsters including Final Boss
6. Increase chance of receiving the Lumen Amulet upon killing the Final Boss
7. Added a guaranteed NEW price upon killing the Final Boss - Muisir Prize Box

To promote the new updated area, we are giving DOUBLE EXP/AB ONLY in the Final Boss Room (2 weeks)

((If you encounter any issues regarding these updates or bugs in general, please let us know by sending a support ticket.))

Error & DA Team