06.30.17July Events + Skills/Spells Token Exchange

|---------------------Skills/Spells Daily Token Exchange--------------------|

Celesta will now let you learn certain Skills/Spells in exchange for 5 Tokens. These Skills/Spells are temporary and will last for 2 days. Restricted to only Ability 90 or higher players.

Please talk to Celesta for more information.


Suffering from boredom, King Bruce has requested a fireworks show from one of the court jesters. Francis, the fireworks jester, will appear in front of Loures Castle and perform a fireworks show once every Temuairian day (every 3 hours).

Francis will also be selling fireworks (for in-game gold) and give out Summer related items.

|----------------------------Double EXP/AB Bonus----------------------------|

All registered accounts will receive DOUBLE Experience and Ability Points gained through monster kills, quest rewards, etc.

This event to will begin on June 30th and END on July 5th.
Register your accounts to take advantage of this special event!

|-------------------------------------Item Shop-------------------------------------|

Summer items are released.