06.16.17June Event + Daily Token Exchange

|------------------------------Daily Token Exchange------------------------------|

Do you have a few Daily Quest Tokens collecting dust in your inventory or bank? Well good news! You can now trade them in for some practical items. Please talk to me for more details.

(I will be adding more rewards pretty soon.)


|----------------------------Tournament Information----------------------------|

*Restricted to Registered Accounts and Insight 40+

*4 hunting grounds, each containing 5 different types of Insects per map

*20 Different types of insects to catch

*Prizes upon completion: (Varies on insight)
Experience points
Ability points (Medenian path only)
Legend mark
Prize ribbon

Players can choose a variety of prizes such as a chance to obtain a Light Necklace, Lumen Amulet or Random Gift Box 1. Description of each prize can be found in the "Tournament Information" from Gunnar.

EXP & AP Distribution
Insight 40-59: 65,000,000 experience points
Insight 60-79: 70,000,000 experience points
Insight 80-99: 80,000,000 experience points + 800,000 ability points (Medenian path only)

Visit Gunnar in Piet Weapon Shop for more details.

This event will Start on June 16th and finish on June 30th. (2 weeks to complete)