04.13.17April Events + Updates


Three summers ago, Aislings gave worship to one of three deities during the Eulogy ritual. Three unique Eulogies were held: One by the Grimlok of Pravat to Adranuch, their Lady of Gold. One by the Kobolds of Astrid to Arpina, their All-Mother. And one by the Mukul of Mehadi to their Goddess of the Sun-heart.

Just over a moon from now, the Evening Star of Hesperos will align with the smile of Danaan, the sun. The keepers of each worship site have begun preparations to hold the Redemption ritual during the alignment.

History shows us that a gentle Aisling may worship along side the same species that they did during the Eulogy ritual, provided that the Aisling has not slain one of their race and is devote.

The priests of these races seek an artifact bestowed on Aisling-kind during the Eulogy. If given willingly, these rare items will be empowered with the ability to combine together with two unlike its own during the upcoming Adoration ritual.

The priests rely on Aislings to repel any dubhaimid or Anaman interference.

Bard of Undine

((The Redemption Ritual will start on April 14th and last until April 28th. When performing the Redemption, the item you received from the Eulogy will be exchanged for an item for the Adoration.))

Spring Floppy Event

There have been rumors of a giant creature on the outskirts of Mileth. Aingeal heard it from the beggar, Teague, in the Mileth Tavern a few suns ago; however, I wouldn't trust anything coming from that old run-down drunkard.

Some of the farmers, though, are becoming concerned about their crops; this creature is said to be able to devour entire fields in the matter of moments!

Iím not going to get all caught up in it, but you may want to see what he has to say. Teague does have a tendency to be right about these things.

Also, do you know what to do with the Mystery Eggs? It's such a mystery...

**NEW Prizes will be given out, if you know what to do with the Mystery Eggs**

Mileth Innkeeper

((This event will also start on April 14th and last until April 28th. Registered players only.))



Experience prize will be kept in for Hosted PVP Events...for now.

Changed Hubae Requirements for Monks

To enter the higher grade, monk must become a Sabonim, or instructor to many monks:


White: 0 > 0
Green: 0 > 0
Blue: 2 > 2
Yellow: 4 > 4
Purple: 8 > 8
Brown: 12 > 12
Red: 20 > 16
Black: 32 > 20

Reduced Clout Requirements

Respected Citizen clout: 10 > 5
Demagogue clout: 50 > 20
Burgess clout: 200 > 50
Guard clout: 25 > 10
Guard Captain clout: 50 > 20
Judge clout: 100 > 25

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