02.03.17Festival of Hearts Event II

Greetings Aislings!

Maeveen, acolyte of our lady Glioca has asked the Suomi Troupe to host a Festival of the Heart in honor of the goddess. Come join us for games and contests in the spirit of celebrating love and romace.
Help ease the tensions of a twisted love triangle, place a few bids during the Date Auction, discover what happened to a missing groom, and regale us with your poetic verse during the Love Sonnet Contest.

We hope that everyone can make it out to the games and to celebrate the goddess of love. If any aislings are feeling especially festive, then please contact us to become a volunteer as part of the Date Auction event.

Thank you,
-The Suomi Troupe

Events will begin on February 11th starting at 11 AM PST, 1 PM CST, 2 PM EST.
Announcements with more information will be posted in game on the Events of Temuair board.

11AM PST/1PM CST/2PM EST Oh Lover, Where Art Thou (Mileth Fountain)
12PM PST/2PM CST/3PM EST Date Auction (Suomi Theater)
2PM PST/4PM CST/5PM EST The Great Groom Escape (Rucesion Church)
3PM PST/5PM CST/6PM EST Love Sonnet Contest (Suomi Theater)

Due to the nature of some events being open ended and player-ran, it is possible that the starting times of some events will be postponed so that hosts can complete prior games and players can participate in the entirety of the event provided by the Suomi Troupe. Members of the Troupe will World Shout if any games will be postponed and when they will begin.

Information or any changes will be posted on the Events of Temuair board.