10.15.20The Red Moon: Spirits in Distress

The Red Moon once again looms on the horizon. Be forewarned: the crimson autumnal moonlight to which we have grown fond appears threateningly larger this season. Hapless stargazers are now afflicted with an unusual bout of melancholy. Spirits roam restless. Disparity plagues the lands! Can Aislings help lift the curse so that we may escape this Red Moon season unscathed?

I received many clues while communing with souls in distress. Aislings, I call upon you for assistance. Your efforts will not go unrewarded!

~ Hadrian, dark wizard of Suomi

(( This is a Suomi Troupe event. The event will begin in front of the Suomi Inn on Friday, October 30th at 6pm PST / 9PM EST )).

The first Aisling to complete the event will receive a rare pet! Additionally, there will be a prize pool for winners, including first place. The higher you finish, the higher your pick from the pool. Prizes include multiple Dragon Grip Gauntlet pairs and so much more!

Come celebrate the Red Moon season with the Suomi Troupe!