09.23.20Queen/King of the Hill Event + Bonus

Queen/King of the Hill Event

This will be a two day event, where aislings will fight for King or Queen of the Hill. The objective of this competition is to be the last aisling standing. Contestants will fight through pre-qualifying matches on day 1 and those who qualify will fight for the King/Queen title on day 2.

Day 1

~Pre-qualifying matches will occur on Saturday, 9/26/2020, at 8:00 pm EST!~
There will be 3 matches and each match will have 3 rounds. The winner of each round will qualify for the final match. If a player has qualified for finals, they may not compete in later matches. Aislings who have lost previous matches may continue to compete until the final qualifying match is over. At the end of the pre-qualifying matches, there will be 9 aislings that move on to fight in the final match.

Day 2

~The final match will take place on Sunday, 9/27/2020, at 8:00 pm EST!~
The 9 contestants determined on Day 1 will be the only aislings allowed to compete in this match. There will be 3 rounds in total. The 1st round will determine the King/Queen, while the 2nd and 3rd rounds will determine the Knights/Dames of the hill.


King/Queen of the Hill (1st Place): Legend Mark, 4 Gold Bars, Kings Crown & Queens Band
Knight/Dame of the Hill (2nd Place): Legend Mark, 2 Gold Bars
Knight/Dame of the Hill (3rd Place): Legend Mark, Host Bag

-~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~- -~*~-

Hosted Battle Arena Bonus

To celebrate the first Queen/King of the Hill Event we will be having Bonus on Hosted Battle

Increased Win Experience from 250 Million to 1 Billion Experience
Increased Loss Experience from 125 Million to 500 Million Experience

Event Start: Sept 25th
Event End: Sept 28th