09.17.20Religious Mass World Shout Support

To further nurture Aisling worship, mundane temple acolytes have agreed to assist religious clergy of the eight Temuairan faiths in evangelizing their masses. Aislings who are of Priest rank and above in their faiths will be able to consult temple acolytes on doing so. Religious clergy will be able to exercise this power every 30 real-life minutes.

Meaveen, Acolyte of Glioca, speaks on behalf of the religious acolytes:

The shrines of Temuair have been abandoned for many Deochs, and we fear that the Octave may already be broken beyond recognition. We pray fervently and solemnly for the return of Aisling religious worship to the lands.

Acolyte of Glioca
Deoch 174, Fall