09.11.20Character Reborn

Character Reborn

We are opening requests for Character Reborn Service. If you want to restart your old character from scratch, but want to keep your original name and Born date this service is for you.

This service includes the following:

1. Reset your character back to a peasant
2. You keep your original look unless you want to switch gender
3. You will keep your earned gold/gold bar
4. Skill/spells/items/armors/bank/inventory/legends etc. will be wiped (basically everything will be removed)
4. Born date will stay with your character along with a new "Reborn" date (date character was reset to peasant)
5. Service fee is 1 (Kruna $9.95/1000Kruna)

* Please create/send a Support ticket to Dark Ages with subject: Character Reborn Service. Do not send Kruna code until you are approved and told to.

Dark Ages Team