12.16.19A Myriad of Merry Dreams

A Myriad of Merry Dreams

A festivus for the rest of us, a Suomi Soiree! Join your Troupe for some Mount Merry Mania. As it is that time where Mt. Merry descends upon us Aislings once again. We have prepared events to encourage your strength, keep your wits sharp, and some are just plain ol' fun. Trust us - yule not want to miss it! :D

((Sat and Sun 5th and 6th Jan 2020))

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Best in Snow
((Sat. 4th Jan 11am PST /12 MST /1pm CST / 2pm EST / 7pm GMT))

Show of your Winter style on our catwalk we have prepared. There may be a prize for the Best in Snow!

(( Non-kruna category and kruna category - let your creativity shine through! ))

Join us at the Suomi Theatre!

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((Sat 4th Jan 1pm PST / 2pm MST / 3pm CST/ 4pm EST / 9pm GMT))

Our Santas need some VIP treatment. Can the elves keep Santa safe or will Santa keep the elves safe..?

Which team will come out victorious?

Come join in Hosted Balanced Arena.

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Nacht Der Krampus
((Sat 4th Jan 3pm PST / 4pm MST / 5pm CST/ 6pm EST / 11pm GMT))

Walk through the Troupe's well known interactive tale and see what fate awaits. Wear your armor, cast your spells, and, most importantly, stay alive.

Join us at Mount Girigan 3.

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“What is Trivia?” - Christmas Edition
((Sat 4th Jan 5pm PST / 6pm MST / 7pm CST/ 8pm EST / 1am GMT))

Be the first to correctly answer as many questions as you can to earn points. There will be five categories to choose from. The top performer will have the first pick in the prize pool!

Join us in the Philosophy Classroom at Mileth College.

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Lost Toys
((Sun 5th Jan 12pm PST / 1pm MST / 2pm CST / 3pm EST / 8pm GMT))

Whilst on his way to deliver to the mundanes of Temuair, Santa has dropped some gifts from his Sleigh. Help us find the gifts so that the mundanes may have a merry Christmas morning!

Join us near the fountain in Suomi Village.

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Secret Erbie
((Sun 5th Jan 2pm PST / 3pm MST/ 5pm EST / 10pm GMT))

Bring along your gift for your secret erbie and see how kind your secret gifter was. A happy way to end this myriad of dreams!

Join us at Mount Girigan 2...see what awaits!

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((Events will be held on Saturday, 4th January & Sunday, 5th January, 2020.))

- The Suomi Troupe