11.22.19November Events *Updated*

Capture the Fowl ((Ending Early))

Head to Pravat South Entrance. Visit Celesta (Pravat South Entrance) to enter this event.

Capture the Fowl Prizes:
Up to 25 Million Experience *UPDATED*
Up to 600K Ability Points *UPDATED*
Light Necklace Raffles

((Capture the Fowl ENDS November 24th)) *UPDATED*

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**Mech Invasion**

Can you survive the Mech Invasion?
Mechs are spawning in the Balanced Arena starting Friday, November 25th. They will continue to spawn until December 2nd.

Mechs Info:
* 2 Mech Bosses: Mech Godzin & Mech Volkain
* 12 Mech Troops

* Experience/Ability
* Legend Mark
* Chance of winning: LN Raffle (x5), Double Bonus Exp-Ap, Skill/Spell Leveling Bonus or Useless Coal

Start Date: November 25th
End Date: December 2nd
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Thanksgiving Bonus Experience & Ability

All registered accounts will receive DOUBLE Experience and Ability Points gained through monster kills, quest rewards, etcetera through Thanksgiving weekend!

Start Date: November 28th
End Date: December 2nd