Images of Temuair

Winners of art contest

Aisling: Noelle, " Research "

Aisling: Agrus, "The Battle of Temuair"

Kingdom: Diablerie, "Little Red"

Village: Arnelle, "Summoner's Wrath"

Clave: Ardis, "The Medusa Creant"

2nd Clave: Thao, "Young Hunters"

3rd Clave: Aiayna, "Vamistle gazing amidst the Shinewood Forest skies"

4th Clave: Xiaoyu, "Within Shadows"

5th Clave: UltraViolet, "Holy Divinity"

Best Arts

Acrine, "The Blue Light of Life"

Bentic, "Glioca's Vigil"

Bentic, "Love at First Sight"

Jubeix, "Exploring the Woods"

Kamiomi, "Mor Strioch Basis"
Niobis, "Gum biodh rath le do thurus"

Robert Blade, "Way of the Warrior"

XiaoYu, "The Elusive Purple Whopper"

Adamant "Lost in the Woods" (88 KB)
Acrine, "The Blue Light of Life" (131 KB)
Acrine, "Woodlands" (92 KB)
Aeife, "Seimh Bron" (216 KB)
Angelie, "The Innocence" (20 KB)
Anthea, "Ascension" (45 KB)
Ardeo, "Wizard" (34 KB)
Ayshilin, "At One with the Sacred Elements"(82 KB)
Bentic, "Glioca's Vigil" (425 KB) *
Bentic, "Hunting Lag Beast in the Crypt" (361 KB)
Bentic, "Love at First Sight" (707 KB)
Bentic, "Sunset by the Sea" (308 KB) *
BioMagus, "Silouhette of Danaan" (50 KB)
BioMagus, "Solas-Slaighre" (2 MB)
Blackroses, "Sleeping Faerie of the Garden"(41 KB)
Boncheri, "Draco Tail Kick" (122 KB) *
Brugon, "Ceannlaidir" (54 KB)
Caerghallan, "Midnight in Undine" (89 KB)
Cliona, "Danaan" (76 KB)
Deskar, "Catch that Goblin" (1860 KB) *
Devaena, "Sleep amongst the Fae" (110 KB)
Dewshine, "Dew & Grim" (43 KB)
Diamanda, "The Peasant Girl" (60 KB)
Duplico, "Beothaich A Mosaic" (35 KB)
Effera, "The Lost Death Pile" (97 KB)
Effera, "Sweet Gift of Life" (88 KB)
Erenthar, "Chadul: The Darkness Lord" (359 KB)
Evalyn, "Athar" (150 KB)
Jubeix, "Exploring the Woods" (73 KB)
Kalasin, "The Mourning Flower" (108 KB)*
Kalasin, "The Warrior Queen" (147 KB)
Kamikage, "Stiletto Trap" (157 KB)
Kamiomi, "Mor Strioch Bais" (773 KB)
Karinah, "Warrior of Hy-Brasyl" (173 KB)
Katrionah, "Awakening" (28 KB)
Katrionah, "First Light's Breaking" (106 KB)
Katrionah, "Foretold Within the Ruins" (229 KB)
Katrionah, "Maiden of Evensong" (237 KB)
Kedian, "Temple Worshipper" (64 KB)
Kerani, "No Fear" (165 KB)
Khorne, "The Born of Evil Beauty" (24 KB)
Klaudaryn, "Temple" (256 KB) )
Klaudaryn, "Wild Deuce" (148 KB)
KnightFlynn, "Nothing Left" (50 KB)
Kyland, "Wolf in the Woodlands" (83 KB)
Lamika, "Sal" (51 KB)
Lailia, "Love Once Lost" (631 KB)
Lenarra, "Vacationing" (52 KB)
Lenoa, "Forever Pure" (52 KB)
Lokki, "Paint of a Faithless Woman" (553 KB)
Lustra, "Thy Shield" (338 KB)
Maive, "Rogue At Heart" (200 KB)
Manipulator, "Loures and Tenes" (139 KB)
Michiru, "Haru no Bara" (235 KB)
MorriganNyte, "Kissed by the Faerie Light" (24 KB)
Natsumi, "The Journeyman" (91 KB)
Niobis, "Gum biodh rath le do thurus" (218 KB) *
Neofirefly, "Mentor and Pupil" (770 KB)
Imajica, "The Aisling Dreamer" (1.2 MB)
Pisk, "Pisk" (121 KB)
Quidlan, "Succubus Battle" (479 KB)
Ravengoth, "Angel" (37 KB)
Ravengoth, "Rosewoman" (743 KB)
Ravengoth, "Self-portrait" (743 KB)
Recca, "Meditation" (112 KB)
Riyan, "Young Wizard" (158 KB)
Robert Blade, "Way of the Warrior" (108 KB)
Ryo, "Starry Night" (1 MB) *
Sakura, "Altar" (138 KB)
Sakura, "Danaan" (136 KB)
Setsuna, "Boy of the Fae" (141 KB)
Shaide, "Memories of a Rogue" (208 KB)
Silverbrook, "The Hidden Dance at Lovers' Glade" (434 KB)
Talshaya, "Dark Summoner" (53 KB)
Talshaya, "Fae Dance" (58 KB)
Tical, "Priestless" (155 KB)
Tical, "Returning Home" (689 KB)
Tigerhawk, "The Wanderer" (92 KB)
Titus, "Titus' Lorica" (51 KB)
Tybalter, "Fiosachd Prayer" (166 KB)
Vendes, "In Sgrio's Realm" (104 KB)
Viriane, "Portrait of Viri" (37 KB)
Vrae, "Self-Portrait" (38 KB)
Vendes, "Theology of the Octagram" (211 KB)
Vendes, "Zerrin & Vendes" (76 KB)
Veneficus, "Guard's Oath" (171 KB)
Veneficus, "Wee Wompin Wimpy Wizzy" (158 KB)
Vireyda, "Polishing Gems Outisde Fioschad's Temple" (170 KB)
Wawe, "Floating Islands" (midi 3 KB)
Xellossama, "A Wedding on Abel Beach" (229 KB)
Xephyr, "Journey of an Aisling" (216 KB)
Yell, "Legend" (972 KB)
Zervus, "Anaman" (792 KB)

Music of Temuair

Alwyn, "It's Getting Darker" (mp3 2.3 MB)
Andrus, "Halcyon Geasachd" (midi 11 KB)
Deatok, "Imperial Loures" (midi 4 KB)
Elexi, "Cheers, You Mean a Lot" (mp3 624 KB)
Elexi, "Winter Without Love" (mp3 0.9 MB)
Fascinum, "Birth of Light" (mp3 2.2 MB) *
Kandolo, "Mentor" (midi 7 KB)
Ivar, "Castle's Gate" (mp3 1.2 MB)
JeymalDesse, "Ecstasy of Hope III" (mp3 2.7 MB)
Jushichi, "A Leaf in the Wind" (9 KB)
Morthus, "The Mystical Garden" (8 KB)
Naia, "Glass Melody" (midi 29 KB)
Paladine, "Inspirations of War" (mp3 1.6 MB)
Sytem, "Alone" (mp3 1.6 MB) *
TaiPan, "The Shade's Song" (midi 17 KB) *
Teilah, "Lori" (mp3 1 MB) *
Tellah, "Light" (mp3 1.1 MB) *
TendoMonius, "Chased by a Centipede" (midi 13)
Wawe, "Floating Islands" (midi 3 KB)

* Temuair's Greatest Art